A short while ago I made this antimicrobial, antibacterial and immune enhancing formulation. I tend to be a bit more extravagant, so to speak, when creating for personal use. I live this and I love the botanicals so for me the added expense of a “cleaning” blend is well worth the investment. I have some small batch select oils that I have used in this formulation & quite a bit of Inula which is why it has a higher price also. I realize now after reviewing the ingredients that this blend will be excellent added into a mist for the air and also into a jojoba base to apply onto the body. Specifically the soles of the feet will be a great place to apply these essential oils allowing them to travel through the body especially when applied in a foot reflexology sort of way.

The ingredients combined in this select synergy are  are Eucalyptus; radiata, Ravintsara, Thyme;linalool, Orange, Juniper small,;batch select, Bay Laurel; small batch select, Inula  & Frankincense cateri. JUST neat essential oils.

 1ml   $13

5ml   $65 special $ 55