Rosemary CO2 Select


ROSEMARY CO2 Select, Rosmarinus officinalis  Leaf  CO2  Spain

10 ml @ $28.00        

       This essential oil is dark in color unlike steam distilled Rosemary due to the extraction method. It is quite uplifting and mind opening. Great to add to hair tonic mixtures! May stain. Rosmarinus officinale most often is steam distilled. Now in this day and age Rosemary is also available in in a CO2 extraction. This Labiatae (meaning lipped leaves) and small flower offer a delightfully fragrant and uplifting aromatic energy. Rosemary has been romantically nicknamed “Dew of the Sea” because of its native origins in the rocky coastal areas of the Mediterranean. Ros is latin for dew and marinus is latin for the sea; it was named so because it grows along the shore line and wafts the aromatic essence with the breezes of the wind.

       The word remembrance comes to mind when I think of Rosemary, in fact the letter R is a clue for its many valuable characteristics. Revitalization, restoration, renewal, respiration and remedy are all words that quickly come to mind. When observing this verdant herb one will realize that it is a prime example of what the Doctrine of Signature implies. Rosemary is a fairly common herb, so most people  are familiar with a visual image of it. Next time you have the chance to observe this fragrant labiatae think about what the shape reminds you of. Then take a few of these tiny lipped leaves  and rub them with your fingertips and feel your lungs expand as you breath in their freshness, allowing your senses to awaken. Magical associations are imbued within its shape and form. Sprigs of Rosemary have been added into bridal wreaths and bouquets for the power and symbolism for fidelity and longevity. Rosemary promotes clarity, enhancing devotion and enduring love. Along with the empowerment properties, the burning of Rosemary twigs is ceremoniously practiced to ward off evil spirits and maladies. Diffusion of the essential oil works wonderfully offering the same sort of effects. 

        There are numerous medicinal values in the varied applications and uses of this fragrant herb. Adding this essential oil into to the atmosphere and into personal care products will allow antibacterial traits to assist with preventing sicknesses that may come from airborne bacteria. The tonic traits of this remarkable herb will benefit the glandular system, relieve liver congestion, promote circulation, relieve rheumatic pain and muscular fatigue as it increases endurance and personal power. Noradrenaline is activated when the aromatic molecules enter into the olfactory system, hence Rosemary is a powerful mental stimulant that is known to increase memory and activate creativity as the neurotransmitters of the brain are activated. With this plant must be aware that if they are prone to seizures Rosemary may not be a good choice;  one must avoid using Rosemary if epileptic. Due to the stimulating properties I would refrain from using too much towards bedtime or sleepy time. The molecular absorption via the sense of smell and body application is intense.This is best avoided in any high concentration for infants or hyper sensitive individuals. A little goes a long way. Remember Rosemary!

Fortunately, Rosemary is a rather inexpensive essential oil which is a huge blessing allowing affordability to have this in ones aromatic repertoire. There are many ways to utilize this powerful green botanical as a health restorative. Adding  Rosemary into hair rinses will lift the energies of the mind as it also stimulates hair growth. Using the essential oil in cosmetic care as an astringent will assist as a toner for facial skin care. The hydrosol from this herb is really an excellent addition for face and scalp also. The essential oils that are steam distilled are virtually clear in color, so Rosemary can be a valuable addition into laundry water rinse, household cleaning creations, and mists for the atmosphere, though the Co2 version is dark & gooey.

        The camphor chemo type from Spain is  known to stimulate the brain, promoting alertness and remembrance. It is excellent in massage blends for musculoskeletal restoration. 

The cineole chemo type from Tunisia is best known to assist liver and  kidney functions. This type is highly regarded in relieving pulmonary congestion. 

The verbenone chemo type from Italy has a clean and penetrating scent, yet milder than other types due to the  percentage of verbenone it contains. This is the safest and smoothest form of Rosemary. Due to the effectiveness and gentleness, this is a great  addition to  hair care formulations. Also, the verbenone is a wise choice recommended for blends that are for the younger and more delicate folks.

Rosemary CO2 Select from Spain is dark in color unlike steam distilled Rosemary due to the extraction method. It is quite uplifting and  mind opening.  This is great to add to hair tonic mixtures for brunettes.  This may stain due to the thickness and color.

Be aware that if prone to seizures Rosemary may not be a good choice.Avoid if epileptic.