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Rosehip Seed CO2

ROSEHIP SEED CO2 Total ;Rosa Canina from Croatia

Rosehip seed oil is the only known vegetal oil which contains trans-retinoic acid; which is  pro vitamin A , promoting cellular regeneration.
This is an excellent component in formulations which enhance the skins structure and performance.  
This CO2 extract  is an antioxidant and a  cellular regenerator. While improving the skins elasticity it softens scar tissue 
and minimizes imperfections. Rosehip seed oil is a beneficial healing agent for a variety of problematic skin conditions.
The color will quickly absorb into the skin, however it could stain garments and towels.
 It is best used in combination, usually 10 % of the base.
Shelf life is 2 years when stored properly

1 ounce @ $36.00
1/2 ounce @ $20.00