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Rosehip CO2 Total

ROSEHIP  CO2 TOTAL      Rosa Canina from Bulgaria

This CO2 extraction is  from the whole fruit of the Rose Hip  which contains the valuable seeds along with the other rich nutrients and antioxidant elements.  
This extraction includes ALL of the lipid soluble ingredients contained within itself
The fatty acids of the  Rosehip seed oil contained within is the only known vegetal oil which contains trans-retinoic acid; which is pro vitamin A.
Extraordinarily rich in nutrients this is excellent for promoting cellular regeneration, improving skins elasticity and enhancing the epidermis.
This CO2 extract softens scar tissue and minimizes imperfections. This botanical liquid excels in boosting the benefits in anti-aging formulations and is unsurpassed in formulations for maturing skin.

The color will quickly absorb into the skin, however it could stain garments and towels. It is best used in combination, usually 10 % of the base.
Shelf life is 2 years when stored properly
It is more complex and a bit more costly than just the seed oil

1 ounce @ $56.00
1/2 ounce @ $28.00