Rose Water


ROSE WATER {Rosa Damascena }   A pure organic distillation from Bulgaria                                                                                                                                                

   This lovely hydrosol is an excellent component for use in natural skin care, suitable for all skin types. Moisturizing the skin prior to applying a beneficial blend (such as Morning Dew, Petals & Infinite Beauty in particular) will allow a slower and deeper absorption of the precious botanicals and essential oils which are held within the pure vegetal carrier base. Along with the  benefit of the beautification attributes is that this pure plant water extends  a moisturizer thus allowing  it to last longer, especially when applied to dry skin. 

Rose holds a high vibration, making this precious water valuable for Spiritual anointment and misting, and this exquisite floral water is highly esteemed  for imparting a lovely flavor & aroma to certain cuisine's. 


1 ounce @$ 10.00  

2 ounces @ $19.00  

4 ounces @ $33.00