Rose artisan hydrosol



I am delighted to offer this Artisan crafted Rose hydrosol which is  excellent for facial skin care. It is magnificent for hydrating and nourishing the epidermis. This precious water is incredible for personal hygiene. It is used for washing intimate delicate areas. Rose water is unsurpassed for healing vaginal tissue after giving birth, being a preferred method of cleansing at that most sensitive time. I love to add essential oils into the Rose water for misting like a cologne only this is so much nicer than using alcohol as colognes due.Just remember to always shake the bottle to disperse the essential oils before misting.  These blends are also wonderful in the atmosphere adding a dimension of beauty and soulfullness in the surrounding area. And I use the Rose water in baking, adding a wee bit into frosting. Many Turkish recipes call for Rose water and of course this organic one is superior than the ones found in most markets.

1 ounce at   $12.00   2 ounces at $24.00   special $22.00      4 ounces at $33.00