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ROSE  Rosa damascena (Rose Otto)     Blossom,Flower Petals (SD)     Bulgaria
In the language of flowers Rose translates as Love. Through our intuitive sense of smell we feel the energies of this precious blossom connecting with our heart center and Soul. 
True Rosa damascena radiates at a very high vibration allowing us to go deep within ourselves, honoring our own true essence allowing self love.
In a pure parfum Rose emanates  Love. Rose encompasses all sorts of Love. When we begin with self Love we also radiate with that energy with the closeness of our Beloved, 
the caring for others, the compassion for all and to see the Divinity in everything. A parfum should connect the heart and Soul with the Passions of the Spirit and body.
 Employing Rose in a parfum is a wonderful way to exhibit our uniqueness with Loving grace and eloquence.
Excellent for all aspects of self care, especially the face and the Heart. There are numerous complexion and cosmetic benefits in the application of this
 valuable botanical component including cell rejuvenation and skin preservation. It is perfect for skin care, where it soothes, softens and hydrates 
the skin while strengthening the collagen-elastin network. Rose Otto balances combination skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles. 
Rose possess many therapeutic healing benefits  as it is rejuvenating, relaxing and balancing to the body, and emotions.
As with the Doctrine of Signatures one may note that  Rose has a beautiful feminine aroma.  
This most precious substance that corresponds to a womans biological make up is exceedingly valuable for all types of
 gynecological, menstrual  and menopausal problems. 
Note:The steam distilled essential oil from this particular Rose has the finest scent of all and  contains a  superior content of natural chemical constituents.
 It is rich in waxes that solidify at cool temperatures, holding the bottle in your  hands will warm it sufficiently to liquefy.

1ml $74.00          5ml@$255.00                                                                                             
Extended into 8ml jojoba cobalt blue glass bottle with a spherical applicator @$44.00