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ROSALINA      Maleleuca ericifolia       Steam distilled essential oil  from its Leaf in Australia

As cousin to Tea Tree  this botanical holds similar traits yet  with a much softer and pleasing scent.This highly beneficial plant offers much in the way of purifying the air as it is vaporized or added into a proper carrier base for body application.
 It soothes mucous membranes as it holds gentle yet extraordinarily effective abilities with aiding the lungs; easing respiratory infections and congestion.
This essential oil that has strong anti-bacterial, anti-viral and immune stimulating properties which will  help to eradicate  bacteria in the body.
It is extremely gentle on the skin too, so it is ideal for formulations that  soothe and heal skin conditions such as herpes, acne and boils.


10ml $11.00          1oz    $33.00