• Room to Breathe

    ROOM TO BREATHE                   (Contains pure essential oils only)
    To ionize and condition the environment. Happy, uplifting, soothing, cleansing.
    Palmarosa, Bergamot, Rose Geranium, Grapefruit and  Mandarin essential oils.

    10ml@$16.00    1oz @$44.00

    This essential oils synergy was one of the first ones I made when I moved into Cocoa Village in the  1990’s. 
    I was renting a spot in the Bel- Air arcade. Although a charming little cubicle  for a beginning spot for Nature’s Spirit 
    it had wall to wall carpet that I did not care for at all. So, I made this very inexpensive formulation to sprinkle about …
    everywhere before I moved in and set up. By applying a rather large amount of essential oils the first time I rapidly 
    changed the air quality along with enhancing the atmosphere.
     I feel the Palmarosa grass added some green air and movement of energy. The Bergamot brings in the cheerful Sunshine
     vibrational energy. The precious Rose Geranium lends its loving traits to ease the heartfelt pangs that occur with dramatic 
    and intense moves as it eases hormonal pressures. And Grapefruit, clearing the head and mind chatter with allowing the 
    “be here now” feeling the  flow of breath in the present moment. Mandarin is a  playful and joyful aromatic from the zest 
    of that bright cheerful citrus fruit.The intention is that having the “Room to Breath” synergy aromatic molecules in the air
     will be a form of betterment for the mind, the mood ,the emotions and the health within the atmosphere in which we surround ourselves.