Cypress allows the flow of chi as it decreases stagnation on a cellular level

Rose Geranium assists with balancing hormones, regulating moods and brain waves

Clary Sage opens the flow of yin releasing fluids and calming the senses 

Grapefruit will tone the skin while providing antioxidant and antimicrobial actions

Bay Laurel is known to assist with the breath and the flow of internal rhythmic motions

Cedarwood is a purifying wood that strengthens the body within its corporal frame 

Helichrysum is excellent for flow and deep healing of the physical and emotional states

These essential oils are entwined with pure organic jojoba for full body anointment.

2 oucnes

*this should not be used during pregnancy

  I formulated this synergy with the awareness of our “chi”.

We all have internal rivers, one of which is the lymphatic system. The pure plant essential oils will enter the body through the integumentary system, seep into our blood and bones and travel around and within the lymph. Our miraculous bodies are so complex, so with the creation of Nature’s Spirit blends I like to describe the intention with imagery, sort of like the signature of Doctrines where the plant will “show” you its purposefulness through its shape and color. 

       All my Nature’s Spirit blends are made with the whole self in mind. Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul are united within our physical structure. In creating I always consider this wholeness & then concentrate on the particular intention of what the blend is to be primarily used for. This River Within flows constantly. When we have blocked energies it clogs up and will store things we perhaps should release. Fluid retention may be caused by many different things. Emotional suppression, grief, poor posture, sedentary lifestyle, food and beverage choices, environmental toxins & disease are all possible causes of why the lymph may not be flowing.


        This formulation has a mixture of essential oils in a carrier base of pure jojoba that is a little less than a 5% concentration. This makes the blend applicable for daily body massage, moisturization and intentional healing. And the lower percentage makes it cost effective to do so. Applying RIVER WITHIN  after a bath or shower to moist skin will enhance absorption , therefore using this ritualistically may really help that flow. It usually takes 21-30 days of any sort of torment to take  visible effect. Of course being aware of what goes in the body helps, that includes thoughts too.