Rhythmic Relaxation


RHYTHMIC RELAXATION  Too Strong for use in pregnancy.

Chamomile, Marjoram, Rose Geranium French, Rose Geranium roseum, Frankincense cateri, Frankincense frereana,Tumeric, Juniper, Black Pepper,

Cypress, Angelica and Helichrysum immersed into pure jojoba.

These pure botanicals create a relaxing and soothing scent while assisting the body’s healing abilities as it empowers that process. Analgesics, adaptogens, modulators, blood and lymph purifiers will increase wellness while reducing pain and inflammation. Other traits  and effects include: antidepressant, anti-rheumatic,  antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, carminative, tonic and nervine.

1/2 oz @$33.00

1oz      @$60.00


New  Nature’s Spirit 2018 addition to MUSCULAR & CIRCULATION  Category

I have been formulating blends since the mid 80’s and officially as a creator of Nature’s Spirit blends since 1988. Through the years I have been blessed to  see seemingly miraculous results from both the application and inhalation of these precious natural plant particles. Almost always there is at least some relief and ease of pain with the use of these synergies.  

It is the wonderment of Nature that brings our betterment.  There are “stories” with each and every blend, rather should I say a purpose for which it was originally intended. Through these 30 years I have not done any specific case studies. I have always been a busy woman and as I ran my business through the course of my life I have created what I and my family needed along with what I felt would help others in their specific requests as they entered the Nature’s Spirit storefront. 

The “classic” blends that I developed decades ago are still quite remarkable. Of course though I add in new plant essential oils that I was not familiar with years ago and must utilize their potentials.  It is like a good meal with high nutritional value and excellent taste, sometimes you may want the basic at others something more. It is the quality of the essential oils, the bases they go into and the energy in which they were formulated that make the wellness they impart so viable and valuable. 

RHYTHMIC RELAXATION is a synergistic essential oil blend that I made for myself. I wanted a very mentally soothing and pleasing scenting this formulation to apply to my body, especially my neck before bedtime. I wanted intensity of strength with a smoothness of scent and without the  Lavender that I have in Nature’s Spirit “Gentle Analgesic” and “Intense Connection” blends for muscular relief.  

My story: My neck is a tender area for me and my spine all too easily will move, not always where it should. I was so pleased at how well this assisted the realignment of my spine after a chiropractic adjustment. It is amazing how well the body mends with the proper techniques and the boost from Nature’s components in the botanicals.

I had made this as a special aromatic bedtime soother and it proves to be an excellent healing adaptogen and agent so I decided to add it into the Nature’s Spirit product line. It is a little costly due to the high percentage and the quality of the essential oils, yet it could be extended into more of a base  if needed.