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Respiration Restorative


    This formulation is to ease congestion, coughs and bronchial distress. The antiviral actions will enhance wellness and relieve stress. The blend is warming and soothing to the system as it absorbs into the body through anointment and massage.  I made this for myself to be applied onto the chest and neck and pressure points to maximize the benefits that it incorporates. Respiration relief is paramount, along with balancing of the sympathetic and para sympathetic  nervous system while vitalizing thyroid functioning are the main goals.This  has a rather high percentage of essential oils (about 15%). So this may be further extended into a proper carrier base for a lighter application.      Please use with free will & knowledge *

Ravintsara* Rose Geranium* Mysore Sandalwood* Frankincense sacra*  French Cypress* Eucalyptus radiata* Bergamot* Patchouli* Jasmine sambac* Blue Chamomile* Cardamom* Hyssop * Black Pepper* Angelica Seed immersed into a pure jojoba carrier base for direct application to the body.

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