Rejuvenate Body Balm


Patchouli CCO2,Frankincense frereana CO2, Ylang Ylang extra superior, Neroli bigarde’  and Yarrow essential oils are immersed into the base of EAst African Shea Butter enhanced with pure Rosehip seed oil for direct body anointment.
2 ounce jar @ $48  
4 ounce jar @ $88

This formulation will be soft at room temperature and may melt if left in the heat or direct sunshine. It will firm up again, yet remains soft as it imparts that attribute to the epidermis.

Patchouli CO2 is regarded as  an earthy fragrant restorative and anti-aging substance beneficial for many types of skin care, known to assist with regenerating new skin cells 
Frankincense frereana CO2 restores structure to skin and instills a sense of peace through healing properties which seep deep into ones being, both body and Soul.
Ylang Ylang extra superior while adding a delightful aromatic sweetness this also  nourishes the skins structure as it supports heart health and boost immunity 
Neroli bigarde’ beautifies with regenerative toning effects.The cellular reconstructive qualities repair broken capillaries; considered to be phlebotonic : strengthening veins.
Yarrow strengthens the whole body system, providing circulatory stamina and energy
East African Shea Butter is remarkable  having a high content of non-saponifiables and unique fatty acid giving  the ability of moisturizing while retaining elasticity of the skin                                                                                                        
Rosehip Seed oil is acclaimed for regenerating skin cells, reducing the appearance of scars and wrinkles, as it improves skin color and tone and it is a natural anti inflammatory