RAVINTSARA   Cinnamomum camphora  Leaf  Steam Distilled  Madagascar
10ml @$16.00       1oz @$42.00      


      Cinnamomum camphora leaf is steam distilled in Madagascar, producing this healing essential oil. Despite the sound it does not have a cinnamon like scent at all. Ravintsara has a herbaceous aroma indicating the many powerful attributes it contains to support healing, yet this remarkable plant oil is gentle enough to be appropriate for use with children.  Properties held within Ravintsara benefit the respiratory system when inhaled and added into formulations for chest and body rubs. Using this botanical in synergistic blends soothes and provides comfort to joints and muscles, easing rheumatic conditions and pain. The antiviral traits assists the immune system. Ravintsara is revered as a time honored folk remedy of the Malagasies for healing of the breath and body. In Malagasy the definition of Ravintsara means “good leaf”. Its high content of cineol will open respiration capabilities in turn helping with the regulation of breath and also relieve congestion. Other therapeutic actions include lymphatic stimulation, diuretic powers and detoxifying activities. This essential oil is quite valuable with numerous restorative properties.The  energy of this essence is mentally refreshing and physically uplifting. It is known to alleviate lethargic conditions, easing depressive tendencies while motivating the mind. Ravintsara essential oil is green and clean, useful for the body and the air and also a laundry boost, freshening and purifying the wash.

      The Spirit and Soul are fortified with the invigorating qualities held within this inspirational botanical.When the valuable aromatic properties are released into the atmosphere the components assist in air purification. Air free of toxic chemicals and enhanced with the “green” odor of pure essential oils will help modulate the breath. Bronchial distress, asthmatic conditions and viral infections are often remedied when the essential oil of Ravintsara is inhaled and  applied to the body in a  proper blend. 

       We have a direct Madagascar connection. This essential oil is  organically grown on a 100 acre land parcel which is devoted to the native Madagascar plants. This company employs the villagers to be involved in eco-cultivating their land and continuing on with traditional wellness with the utilization of the plants healing properties and capabilities. We are willing to pay a higher dollar than some of the average importers for the quality and farming integrity.