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Raven's Revelations


This Animal Spirit Messenger visits us at this time as we enter West into the Medicine Wheel. The Raven (often known to be a companion of Witches) is a Magical Bird that has been both honored and feared since times of antiquity.The  Raven is a sacred messenger between the worlds of deities and the intuitive humans who work with healing magic.
It is a bird bringing revelations with its keen ability to soar high above the world as it observes. This magical creature  
posseses the ability of swiftness to go into the mysterious void of darkness to reveal the wisdom that it may hold for 
our needed healing. It’s flights from the Earth to sky reveals the energy which is one of balance between humankind and nature.

This Magical Formulation includes the pure essential oils and absolutes of the following botanicals.
It is to be used with sacred intention.
This is a potent synergy that may be extended into a hydrosol for a mist or into a pure carrier base for body anointment.
Please use with free will, knowledge and respect.

Osmanthus Flower absolute        the sweet olive harvest by the Moon
Bulgarian Rose otto                     the purest of healing Love         
Frankincense frereana CO2         the Guardian of the Supernatural
Rose Geranium                             balancing the brain &  bodies hormonal flux                        
Bergamot                                   allowing the shining light into the void of darkness
Himalayan Cedarwood                fortifying strength allowing emotional support
Cedarwood;Atlas                          deep inner healing through the power of wood 
Mysore Sandalwood                    etheric energetics flowing with the Kundalini
Petitgrain sur Fleur Neroli           Leaves with sweetness of the soothing blossoms
Violet Leaf                                Assisting the heart with reconstructing pathways 
Catnip                                             adding mystery and magic to the formulation
Artemesia Mugwort           Protective energy will surround and act as a  force field
Golden Rod                    replaces Mullein in the historical context of the golden hue
Soufi Oud            Deep rich earthy energy from the of plant reservoirs in the wood
Vanilla absolute                   Sweet etheric resonance , attracting beauty
Cocoa absolute                            Dark rich Pods holding restorative powers  
Angelica                                         Protection from the Angelic realm 
Ambrette                   Seeds of introspection assisting creation of the mystery                          
Bay Laurel                               Inspirational blessings enhancing wisdom 
Davana CO2                       Magic plant power bringing its forces of sacredness

1 ml neat @ $33.00