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Our Life force is otherwise called prana. In Hindu philosophy this term refers to the cosmic energies which we are a part of. This vibration is a vital life force  that permeates the Universe. Energy flows through our being with each breath. Combined with meditation this pranic flow connects with the  vibrational and astral energies that surround us.
Marjoram, Jasmine sambac, Blue Tansy, Angelica root & seed and Helichrysum are intertwined to release a flow of energy to all levels of consciousness.  This synergistic mix is joyfully soothing, Spiritually uplifting, breathe vitalizing as it moves the chi opening Awareness to other realms.

Extended into 8ml of pure organic jojoba  in a spherical applicator which gives ease of direct application to the lips, under the nostrils and any other points desired:       $33.00

As a neat synergistic mix:  $33.00 for 1ml        5ml neat Specially priced at $144.00