Powers of the Flowers


Rose Geranium , Clary Sage, Lavender, Jasmine,  Bulgarian Rose & Neroli in unison.

1 ml Neat @ $9.00
4 ml Neat @ $36.00
5ml Neat @$44.00 
10ml Neat @$80.00
1 oz  myst @$29.00
2 oz  myst@$55.00
8 ml in Jojoba  $19.00 (in glass bottle w/ spherical applicator )
2 oz anointment strength in Jojoba @ $55.00

Rose Geranium is an incredible plant that supports our organs in particular the heart and the reproductive organs. It assists with balancing hormonal levels that influence our mood and emotion. The sacral plexus and the heart chakras benefit from the enhancement of femininity and the power of self love in caring for the inner systems in a soulful way.

Clary Sage certainly portrays her qualities with the clear image she creates. With the Doctrine of Signatures in mind, one realizes that all flowers are sexual and their forms often symbolize the regions of the human anatomy that will be benefitted  with the essential oil and or herb that it graciously offers us.

Lavender is one that also soothes out the nerves, allows calm or inspires creation. People respond differently to different plants and Lavender adapts to the needs. This time honored herb holds a high place with many wellness modalities.

Jasmine is a heady high essence that has a euphoric sense that allows much freedom, it relaxes while it invigorates. Very heightened energy comes forth with the indolic odor it imparts. With this in mind it accents  botanicals in a synergistic parfum creation. 

Bulgarian Rose is Love for every single cell in your body. Rose is such a beautiful flower that offers the essential oil in pure form along with a beautiful hydrosol. Delicate yet powerful True Rose fills the heart with comfort and it literally assists circulation. All phases of femininity will benefit from the array of complex constituents  held within the molecular structure when using this essential oil for body anointment. 

Neroli bigarde’ is a true steam distilled essential oil from Orange Blossoms. The beauty of this pure plant floral oil brings peace, comfort as it soothes the Spirit. Neroli has a magical presence in a parfum. While it eases our minds it also serves the body encouraging smoothness for the skin and  also softens one demeanor.