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Powers of the Flowers


All of these synergetic mixtures are blended with pure “neat” botanical essential oils. These pure essential oils are mixed together to enliven & enrich their individual traits through their combined qualities. They are intended to be used in the atmosphere, added to a hydrosol mist for the air &/or body, added to the bath, placed in atomizers &/or added to a pure base, such as jojoba, to be used for body anointment & massage. Please use with proper knowledge, peace, love & of course your own free will. (Some should be avoided during pregnancy & it is not recommended to take internally or apply to body without a carrier base.)

POWERS OF THE FLOWERS                       

Enhances feminity. Use to anoint the hair, add to the bath, or add to a base.

Rose Geranium* Clary Sage* Lavender* Jasmine* Bulgarian Rose* Neroli

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