The Pisces  astrological sign has dominance from February 19 through March 20th.  This zodiac correlates with Sun Bears Native American Earth astrology. “Big Wind Moon” is the the last of the North direction on the Medicine Wheel Path. Pisces are symbolized with fish swimming in two directions. Could it be because they are at the end of the wheel,  the sign before the next rebirth of another astrological year ? Maybe they want to stay there and not venture forth. Procrastination is sometimes a trait associated with this deeply sensitive sign. 

         This Water sign holds much passion. Emotions are very fluid and therefore mercurial at times. Moodiness and Melancholy are Piscean traits that portray the mutable traits that may accompany the energy of this planetary positioning. Fluidity also may flow smoothly. Intuitiveness and being emphatic often go hand and hand. A situation really dictates which way things will flow as with water. Aromatic plant oils will lend their aromatic and encouraging abilities to assist the journey with the ever changing tides.

Mysore Sandalwood will support us as we reach for higher dimensions while holding steady. 

Australian Sandalwood gives us another type ,like the two fish in the zodiac sign.

Blue Cypress will improve the fluidity of the body flow with its buoyant powers.

Clary Sage eases the temperament, soothing the mind and comforting the body.

Lavender calms and balances as it intertwines with other benevolent plant forces. 

Hyssop will empower the mind with clarity and bring one to the present moment.

Jasmine Sambac although blooming by day it has a very strong yin lunar attachment. 

Rosa damascena speaks of love, especially to remember self love and compassion.

Carnation a true rare absolute ruled by the guiding planet Jupiter adds a sense of mystery

         All blends will have a slightly different scent on each individual, yet this one has the most amazing change that I have ever encountered on my wrist. Just 2 drops on and the loveliness prevails. The inhalation ad a different affect. So when you experience  aromatic energies you may want to consider which ways will be best for the desired results.

You can see by the list of components that this one is a nice sort of Spirit Parfum.

1ml neat @  $33.00  as a pure parfum or to add to a proper carrier base for the body.

Note: When I added  up the price & divided by measure it cam to 33.333333 !! 

5ml neat @ $155.00

8ml of Jojoba with a spherical applicator for direct body anointment @ $33.00

Into a Lavender  Hydrosol to mist the body & surrounding atmosphere. 

1 ounce myst  @   $33.00   

2 ounce myst @   $55.00