Pink Lotus


PINK LOTUS Nelumbo nucifera    Blossom    India

       Nelumbo nucifera absolute is derived from the Blossoms of this sacred plant typically in India.
This thick highly aromatic substance is a very deep dark liquid which may solidify when temperatures 
are cool. These gorgeous petals rise from the swampy mud  and yet these blossoms appear immaculate.                                                
         Lotus Blossom is known to awaken abundance on all realms. These lovely flowers are Spiritually 
potent, sacred to Goddess of abundance “Lakshmi”. It is written that the Divine and Noble Lotus
is from which the God Brahma, the Creator came. Also, it is noted that this flower evokes the face
of the Beloved, this being one of Cosmic Connection to the Divine Love.                                                       

1ml @$58.00 

Into 8ml jojoba cobalt blue glass bottle with a spherical applicator @$33.00