Pine Pinus sylvestris

PINE   Pinus sylvestris      

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      Pinus sylvestris, otherwise known as Scotch Pine is one of the safest and most useful Pine essential oils. The needles are steam distilled; often in Hungary and Bulgaria. This uplifting scent will soothe bronchial distress, clear the sinuses and ease head congestion. Remarkably this is known to alleviate cold and flu symptoms as it enhances the immune system. Pine essential oil is a great component for household cleaning as it refreshes and revitalizes the  atmosphere while it serves as disinfectant. The bright scent is reminiscent of the forest bringing in that earthy energy that often instills tranquility and harmony as it clears the auric field of negativity. With the energy of the aromatic virtues the heart is calmed down and the nerves are soothed.

         The Evergreen aroma is very favored for Holiday aromatizing!  Adding some spices with this refreshing essence brings out the joyousness of the season. Winter solstice is a time to settle in and allow the protection of the trees to shelter us in so many ways.