PETITGRAIN Citrus aurantium     Leaf    steam distilled in Paraguay 

10ml @$20.00           1oz @$55.00

     Citrus aurantium essential oil holds an exquisite aroma that is derived from the leaves of the bitter Orange tree; the same that produces the lovely Neroli flower. This is distilled in Paraguay where it grows wild and also in Europe. Pleasing memories waft within my senses with the inhalation of this cheerful botanical essence. I travel back in time to decades ago…….I recall picking these leaves from a young Orange tree on Maple Street in Fort Myers. This tree merited a spot in Dick Workmans yard. This dear friend wrote “Growing Native” and his yard had only purposeful plants amongst the natives. I was honored to have shared that land for a few years, so the memory fills my mind with many plants, gardening with the turtle Alison and I named “Tomato” and the Butterflies that abounded the premises.

      I ramble on as an example. Scents certainly evoke memories. In this case the refreshing and uplifting qualities of Petitgrain bring a sense of peace. Despite the fact that this friend I mention recently passed onto and into another dimension, I recall the serenity and peacefulness of that yard, of that time that was integral in my plant appreciation and ability to practice my art at organic gardening when I lived  in Florida. Many people plant trees for remembrance of a departed one; and to go further with that idea, the scent of the plant will hold the images within the mind through the incredible olfactory apparatus that we have built in as a memory bank. 

         Petitgrain leaf exhibits many traits that help one feel at ease. Somewhat sedating, although mentally uplifting, this aromatic essential oil opens up our breathing capacity. That is our life source. The vibrational qualities serve as Spiritually guarding etheric protectors clearing mental confusion and keeping one feeling safe. As a tonic to the body systems it nourishes the lungs, soothes the throat and empowers the body; especially through the respiratory system. Inhaling this calming and soothing essence helps to relieve anxiety as it eases the nerves.  It calms the digestive system offering solace to the solar plexus. This also is an excellent antiseptic component in skin tonics, known to reduce acne and epidermis outbreaks. I know the few times I may have a minor skin eruption such as a blemish the formulation I created named “Refine” always clears it up in a day or so. They key essential oil in this blend is Petitgrain.