This combination of pure florals is a unique mix that soothes both the skin and the Soul.
This luxurious Facial moisturizer is beneficial for most all skin types, especially suitable and safe for use in delicate
and sensitive areas. It is an ideal synergy for facial skin care as it provides nourishment along with cellular regeneration. 
Additional benefits are that these pure essential oils immersed within Jojoba offer regulation of sebum 
production and hormonal balance.This combination of gentle yet effective botanicals will most often ease 
irritated skin, relieve eczema and repair elemental damage. 

Lavender: Lavendula angustifolia, 
Bulgarian Rose: Rosa damascena 
Wild Chamomile: Anthemis nobilis 

Immersed into pure organic cold pressed jojoba. 

Dram (4 ml) @ $10.00      
½ oz @ $33.00   
1 oz @ $60.00
8 ml with spherical applicator @ $20.00