Perineum Gate


PERINEUM GATE especially for Pregnancy

A synergy for intimate and delicate massage. Will assist in loving lubricaton and intimate sensuality. Wonderful to ease menopausal dryness. Especially designed to soften, lubricate while strengthening this delicate area Helps elasticize muscles to ease childbirth, reducing/preventing tearing. Massage gently every day, during the last trimester of pregnancy.
Rose Geranium, Lavender, Wild Chamomile and Bulgarian Rose in jojoba.
Therapeutic Strength 1 oz @$44.00

Therapeutic Strength in a 4 oz. bottle@ $150.00  (recommended 3 month supply) 

In 2014, I was diagnosed with stage 2 endometrial cancer. Following a hysterectomy, 
I received Brachytherapy (Radiation). Painful side effects to my vaginal tissue from the brachy
therapy increased over the past years. Symptoms were bleeding, dryness and itching. 
I am currently using Perineum Gate and almost all of of my pain and symptoms are gone, after only 
a few applications. I am so grateful and thankful for Doe (Doreen) and her product!