PEPPERMINT  Mentha piperita The Leaf is steam distilled from this fragrant herb. 

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       The Leaf is steam distilled from the fragrant herb of Mentha piperita, releasing a powerful and potent essential oil that contains many valuable medicinal qualities. Although a familiar herb it must be used with caution due to its stimulating qualities. The perky Peppermint scent alone will open up the sinuses and enhance breathing while clearing the head and alerting the senses. As a respiration reviver and regulator Peppermint will often relieve a headache rather rapidly. It is excellent as a component in formulations intended to be pain relieving, analgesic and anti inflammatory. It should always be added into a carrier base for application on the skin. On a medicinal level this herb is used as a hepatic tonic for assisting the liver and kidneys. Peppermint is a carminative that is well known as a digestive agent and a breath freshener. This refreshing plant oil is one that is quite satisfying to the taste buds. By utilizing the uplifting flavor I have found that many people respond well to its use as a smoking deterrent. Most people can curb the urge of smoking by substituting the plant oil as a replacement for the sensory aspect and action of that habit. 

Interestingly this plant is regarded to have dual action: cools when hot, warms when cold. Some choose to use this to ease a sunburn, of course in a base. I find that the  hydrosol may be most effective for this sort of application as opposed to a blend with the essential oil. Everyone responds to their biological terrain though. I tend to be sensitive to the strong medicinal oils, so I much prefer a synergistic mixture so that they work in unison allowing a quenching action to balance out the intensities.

  Peppermint herb is excellent prepared as a tisane. It has similar values yet in a mild manner. Be aware that the essential oil is from a huge amount of plant matter, a wee bit goes a long way. I have been horrified to read about some of the suggested ways that are advocated (mostly by multi level marketing companies). Peppermint oil should NOT be used neat on the skin at all , NOT EVER !!! It is fine for body application when in a proper base like the east African Shea Butter and pure Jojoba that will allow safe application to the skin.

I do not often advocate internal use of essential oils, mostly because there is so much hype in the marketing industry and misinformation. I sometimes do take Peppermint oil internally and have been doing so for over 30 years. I just take 1 drop as a breath freshener. I do not drink it in water, that is where it is best to have the herbal tisane. Also a teaspoon of the hydrosol into a glass of pure water is excellent if one wants to drink a Peppermint tonic.

The herb is known as an insect deterrent too! If one can grow it in the garden it will help prevent pests along with imparting a lovely essence, especially when it is watered. Be sure to grow organic so you can use the leaves for beverages and in cooking.

* Please note that Peppermint is considered an antidote to homeopathic medicines .