Peppermint Hydrosol


PEPPERMINT HYDROSOL {Mentha piperita}      Artisan crafted from Pacific Northwest USA                                

Organic hydrosols are excellent as a beverage component. Peppermint hydrosol is excellent as a refreshing beverage  when  a teaspoon full is added to pure water. Peppermint is an absolutely wonderful herb for digestion. Along with being tasty it is an excellent breath freshener and oral purifier. Peppermint essential oil is a great deterrent for smokers,  so this beverages  may be helpful as a replacement/ deterrent for those who wish to change oral/smoking habits. This hydrosol is a great re-energizer after over indulgence, offering awareness to the mind and settling the stomach. Although not dangerous for children it should be used with this possibility of stimulation in mind.and not advisable for infants, except male a drop into a  bottle full to  colic, to ease indigestion and nausea if needed. It is helpful as a mist to be sprayed directly onto the body and also in the surrounding atmosphere if a refresher is  desired. The use of this is excellent for studying, driving and keeping focused. Hydrosols may be misted directly onto the skin, just avoid the eyes. Peppermint is cooling while stimulating. It has astringent value as a toner for skin care. Other beneficial traits are that Peppermint is known to ease the sting of sunburns and insect bites.                                                    

1 ounce @$9.00      2 ounces @$14.00