Patchouli (India)


PATCHOULI  Pogostemon patchouli Leaf  Steam Distilled  India

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       Pogostemon patchouli essential oil is obtained from steam distilled leaves grown  both in  India and Indonesia mostly. As a particularly potent scent, this really is so earthy that often I place it with the Root, and Wood energy for its numerous aromatic and tonic properties. This is one essential oil that improves with age. I like that. Patchouli evokes peace and passion, warding off negativity. It is often regarded as a peace loving“hippie” scent by many, such a “groovy” compliment. Patchouli holds a delightful earthy aroma that is known to stimulate the release of pleasure hormones including dopamine and serotonin. These feel good qualities add to the  beneficial traits of being highly regarded as aphrodisiac. Patchouli is a time honored and popular traditional and modern parfum component. The scent is powerful, holding the base note in a blend allowing the other components to intermingle while keeping their uniqueness. This sensually arousing potent aroma is a great fixative as a base note in a pure parfum as it secures the scent allowing a lingering musky quality that is quite pleasing to the senses.     

Patchouli is an excellent complexion component in formulations, making it a valuable addition for facial and all over the body beautification blends while exuding its aroma and enhancing vitality! It is regarded as an anti-aging substance, beneficial for many types of skin care. This botanical leaf it is known to assist with regenerating new skin cells.The astringent qualities will tighten and repair the structure of the epidermis from acne, dermatitis, psoriasis and wounds. Using the essential oil  as a treatment for the scalp is beneficial for the skull and hair growth too ! The anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic traits are additional benefits that this aromatic plant offers.  Along with being a diuretic this botanical assists with dispelling cellulite as it binds and tightens skin together especially after weight loss with its regenerative properties and rejuvenating traits. Another good reason to add Patchouli into body blends is that it presents all over comfort and aromatic pleasure.

Patchouli may be helpful to ease insomnia as it has a “dream like” sedating quality that relaxes the mind. It is known to ease mental fatigue therefore stabilizing, granting a feeling of wellness and security. This makes sense as the spleen, the pancreas and the abdomen are assisted with the warming qualities that ease tension and stress.

On a practical level Patchouli is a pleasurable insect repellant especially valuable to protect fabrics from moths. Traditionally cashmere has been protected with leaves of Patchouli in storage and transportation of this precious fabric.