Passionate Surrender



Euphoric, heightens the intuition & the higher self. These florals, precious woods and resins awaken the magical realm which surround us.  

Lovely Ylang Ylang adorns our field of senses with a tropical sweetness as  We evoke the euphoric frequency of the nearly intoxicating Jasmines. 
The Clary Sage bathes our water element and emotions with calm allowing acceptance of the flow. Ethically sourced Mysore Sandalwood  strengthens
 our will and benefitting our breath with our life forces. And the Elemi to me always enhances the mystical, twinkling within the worlds in which we abide.
Ylang Ylang Extra Superior , Clary Sage, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Jasmine Sambac, Elemi.

1 oz Rose Hydrosol to mist the self and the atmosphere. $23.00
2 oz Rose Hydrosol. $44.00