PARSLEY    Petroselinum sativum     Seed     NOT FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY     Hungary 

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      Petroselinum sativum seeds are steam distilled to obtain the essential oil.  It is native to the Mediterranean region and often obtained from Hungary. Parsley is a favorite herb of mine to add to most meals. Lots of folks use it as a decorative edible garnish. This delightful flavorful kitchen herb also holds a place as a healing botanical. We can eat lots of parsley to gain the benefits and utilize the concentrated form of the essential oil to boost wellness. Parsley essential oil is a boon for some body blends. In this potent form use only a small percentage and be sure to use in a synergistic combination in a carrier base. The culinary benefits carry through with the carminative attributes as it settles  the stomach and aids digestion. 

        Parsley detoxifies the bodily organs while it serves as a tonic for the liver, the kidneys, and the bladder. Since ancient Egyptian times this herb has been utilized as a tonic for the urinary tract as it will increase the flow of fluids to depart from the body. This diuretic clears the lymph as it purifies the life forces with its inherent vitality. Adding parsley to the diet through eating the herb or feeding through the epithelium restores and regenerates body systems and functions.  A very favorable  quality is that Parsley seed will assist with decreasing cellulite and easing rheumatic pain.

       Also  beneficial for woman's reproductive  system, this beneficial herb promotes natural hormonal estrogen production indicating it as an ally for menopause. It is quite potent as an emmenagogue, therefore it is not safe for pregnancy. However, Parsley is quite useful as a parturient; easing delivery in childbirth birthing and promoting the flow of breastmilk for nursing.  

        Much folklore surrounds Parsley. Traditionally regarded as a protector it has been worn as a garland to celebrate life and joy and also at funerals to honor the Souls of the departed. Used in good Magic this herb is known to drive away evil forces and encourage benevolence through mental clarity and astuteness. On another level, Parsley dispels  evil head lice from the scalp while proving hair growth !!! Parsley is indeed interesting medicine.