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Palo Santo Essential Oil


PALO SANTO  Bursura graveolens Wood, Twigs(SD)   (only naturally fallen)   Ecuador

It is known as "Holy wood”  in Spanish. This is used for purification and protection in Sacred and shamanic rituals. 
Traditionally it is used by Shamans to diminish "mala energia" (bad energy).  Palo Santo is powerful for both Blessing and banishing. 
A wonderful earthy yet Spiritual aroma is held within this special tree wood. This treasured essence will uplift the Spirit and the emotions
 as it clears away negative aspects that may be in the surrounding energy field. Sacred smoky and grounding effects are calming and therefore
 excellent to create a vibrational field for meditation and  peaceful contemplation. One may inspire creativity and enhance inner peace
 through palm inhalation, an effective way to energize ones consciousness. Place a drop of the essential oil into the palms of the hand and
 rub them together as bringing them up to allow the deep and effective qualities they offer into the olfactory system, while focusing 
on intention and then inhale deeply allowing the energy to permeate through the auric field.
Other traits include enhancing physical Immunity enhancing with the antibacterial effects. 
Insecticidal properties are of great value in protecting the body and atmosphere as well.

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