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        Cymbopogon martini is a leafy grass that grows wild in Nepal and Ethiopia. The essential oil is steam distilled from this tropical green grass. Fortunately there is a high yield allowing this botanical to excel as a key ingredient in formulations for the mind, the skin and the nervous system. This simple plant offers many benefits as a fabulous restorative. Imagine the roots holding these aromatic leaves as they sway with the winds and grow allowing the tips of the leaves to ascend to the heavens. I think of it as a conduit to higher planes of energy, enlivening  psychic powers that are “traveling  in the air”. The aromatic essence that exudes from this plant distillation calms the mind therefore easing stress. With balancing, calming and uplifting energies it is a tonic for the heart and mind,  helping with healing on all body levels. 

On a physical level this essential oil offers the benefit of assisting the body with cellular regeneration: it is known to  reduce scar tissue, reduce wrinkles and sooth broken capillaries.  Palmarosa will regulate the skins moisture and sebum oil production clearing acne and minor skin irritations, therefore it is useful for both dry and oily skin. Palmarosa is excellent as a component in skin care creations for face and body because of its versatility of traits. Great value is held within Palmarosa  as it is used as a restorative treatment for those who are afflicted with for nervous stomachs, also as a digestive aid,  known to act on the pathogenic intestinal flora, easing tension in the abdomen and improving  other  body functions. The pretty soft essence that is a little Rosy, a teeny citrusy and unlike grass, it is very subtle allowing it to blend smoothly with other florals and not to dominate the aromatic energetics of complimentary essential botanicals.

In India it is praised as a remedy to reduce flu symptoms and fevers  while eliminating infections as it also is a natural antiseptic. It is well regarded in assisting with circulation, respiration, gynecological and emotional wellness.