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Ouroboros Alchemy

                                           “OUROBOROS ALCHEMY”

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     The Snake represents transformation. Seen as a Serpent is carries a deep sometimes dark element as from the underworld. As it reveals its shadow it may shed that skin. Is the creature still the same?  The continuous motion is one of change, always different, yet somehow the same.The Soul is eternal, the skin is shed, the travels goes round in a circle.
This Spirit messenger is conduit of energy. Kundalini energy is depicted as coiled at the base of our serpentine spinal column with transformative powers, connecting our chakras with both the subterranean and the celestial forces.

Agarwood Attar: Oud, Indonesian Sandalwood & Eagleswood     a sacred base
Patchouli      passionate and earthy, this plant brings us from the base upwards
Copaiba Balsam       allowing the breath of newness to emerge, releasing as needed
Thai Oud              some sacred wood that is from the jungles where mystery roams Jasmine Sambac  etheric energetic evolution of uplifting transformative sweetness
Neroli bigarde           subtly smooth and serene capturing the twinkling blossoms
Mysore Sandalwood        Pure wood that connects us on all inter dimensional levels 
Frankincense frereana co2   resinous aromatic guards and protects us inside & out
Jasmine grandiflora    night time energy is captured in this sensuous floral bouquet      
Nigella damascena     carries unconditional love through growth & changes
Coffee Flower          attracting sweetness such as bees to blossoms to make honey
Opopanox           magic component to heal old wounds and create new consciousness
Cypress               allows the flow, expedites shedding of old unwanted “stuff”
Rosemary            piquing the remembrances of the lessons from all things past 
Jonquil                  reminds us how beauty may be hidden & will burst forth with life
Iris CO2               powdery roots exhibit the power and pleasantness of the unseen  
Burmese Oud reserve     holds sacred ancient energy honored since primitive times
Benzoin          a fixative preserving the benevolence of synergistic mixtures
Nutmeg           spicy and exhilarating  on its own, it jazzes up movement
Artemisia Mugwort      protective qualities abound within the leaves and flowers 
Orris Butter         authentic …..amazing substance used rarely in modern day
Black Spruce absolute     concentrated balsamic primal forest capturing it’s magic