Oud, Agarwood essential oil, Thailand


Agarwood (Oud)  Aquilaria malaccensis     steam distilled    wood       from        Thailand

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        Oud is also known as Agarwood, Aloewood and Eagleswood. Oud is a rare, mysterious and evocative very earthy thick essence used in Spiritual ceremonies and perfumery. The precious liquid obtained from these species is obtained through different methods, some ancient, some modern and many secret. Oud is extracted by various time honored and traditional methods; typically it is chopped into small  pieces, soaked for a period of time and then steam distilled.  Now that Oud has become popular in the world of scent there are many small scale entrepreneurs trying their skills in various types of distillation and co-distillations. 

        Unfortunately though with the popularity there is a lot of adulteration going on in the artificial perfume world. Real Oud fetches a high dollar and we are willing to invest in that for authenticity, integrity and sustainability of these species. This exotic essences fills us with reverence for the Earth, the Jungles, the Mysteries held deep within the core of Nature. As with other precious botanicals, they are best used with reverence and respect as we incorporate them into the Sacredness of our daily existence. This delightfully unusual substance is a fantastic Earthy base note in natural parfum. Most importantly Oud honors the Spirit of the plant especially when  the person utilizing it understands this Sacred energy.

Everything about Oud is mysterious. The origins of Agarwood are from deep in the jungles where a fungus infects the trees causing the heartwood to produce a dark aromatic substance that is released during this natural deterioration process.  This evocative aroma is complex, pleasant and in perfumery is considered to have "oriental-woody" notes. The incense smoke is also characterized by a “sweet-balsamic" aroma that permeates the air.  Combining sweet florals and smooth resins bring out the deep rich earthiness in Oud that connects us to a primordial sense allowing our true sense of self to be expressed.        

Being Spiritually symbolic, Agarwood is mentioned in the Sanskrit texts of the Vedas and is highly regarded in Aryurvedic medicines for healing the body as it renews the Spirit. In the Bible it is referred to as Aloeswood. Oud gained great cultural and religious significance in ancient civilizations. Enigmatic and esoteric Oud is still is used in religious ceremonies, most significantly; birth and death. In reviewing ancient texts and writings we realize that these events are both significant passages for the Soul. In Asia it is common to believe in reincarnation and the offering of the Oud during these transitionary times is quite symbolic. I feel that the symbolism is evident in the way it that Oud offers its qualities. As the wood decays it actually brings forth a greater sense of life source that was shielded and hidden deep within the heartwood. To me this symbolizes the Spirit and Soul that exist within your body, but not of it, so to speak. This is comforting to realize, especially as we ourselves age. As we become vintage perhaps we come closer to the eternal source from whence we came and if we have fulfilled our lives purpose we may go forth to a state of santos’s and eventually Nirvana.