Osmanthus fragrans  is an absolute from China where it grows best.

 The pure absolute 1 ml  @$85.00

     Osmanthus fragrans is a true olfactory delight. This interesting and  intoxicatingly alluring essence is a new found delight for me.
 As the full moon beckons I learn through Chinese mythology  that this deliciously fragrant flower is known to grow on the moon. 
There is quite a bit  written on this since the Tang dynasty. With further research I find that the early Autumnal season is a reverent
 time for the harvest the colorful clusters of this flower known as Guihua in China, where these celebrations have been carried on since
 ancient times through various dynasties. 
     Also known as Sweet Olive and Fragrant Olive these flowers  are included in tea infusions and culinary treats for their cheerful essence.
 The absolute obtained from these blossoms is exceedingly sweet and a little sticky, yet smoothly sensuous. It makes much sense that this 
is a desirable component in a pure parfum. It is exquisite, yet rarely used due to the limited availability and tremendous cost. 
For those, like myself who want only pure components this is a delightful addition for sacred sweetness, honoring the self along  with the lunar vibrations. 
It is totally yin and will blend well with deep earthy botanicals creating the yin /yang bond helps that to keep us in balance.
 I find that the powers held within the scent of these fragrant flowers eases tension, reduces stress and advocates wellbeing. 
The essence calms the mind, eases the breath and soothe s the heart as it intermingles with our own terrain and auric field. It will
 encompasses us in a sort of cloud of delight, protecting us from invasion of negativities. Osmanthus is employed as a cosmetic agent. As long as it is real and unadulterated it is considered quite safe as a skin care component. 
 allowing it to be  a parfum and also extended into a larger base for all over body anointment. 
             We have acquired some of this precious substance and as I begin to luxuriously compose new aromatic creations I am willing to share.