Orange, Sweet


ORANGE,SWEET  Citrus sinensis     Cold Pressed Peel      Organic     USA/Italy

10ml @$7.00       1oz @ $20.00

          Citrus sinensis essential oil is derived through the cold expeller process from the peels of this luscious fruit. As with all citrus it grows in warm sunny climates, I find that some of the best imports are from Italy and often California. The wild harvest and organically grown are imperative for the purity of the content obtained. Unfortunately there is a lot of citrus produced other ways. Remember though whatever enters the plant will then enter us.   

         Optimistic Orange essence carries a joyful energy; emotionally uplifting it will ease anxieties. Orange will brighten ones outlook on life.The peel of the skin of this sweet Orange is soothing, a true heart tonic touching deeply into our own inner core. On an emotional level one is calmed and on a biological level one is fortified. The use of Orange essential oil strengthens the heart as it will increase blood flow, fortify the capillaries and vascular system to accentuating cellular regeneration. As Orange eases anxieties it strengthens the nerves with its cheerful traits. The antispasmodic qualities are known to ease convulsions and assist with recovery from shock situations.

        The seeds are within the flesh, protected by the pulp and imbedded until they are ready to be released. To me this represents the fertility of the feminine form. The essential oil is quite safe for pregnancy. As with all things, proper use is imperative. This essential oil has phototoxic properties and exposure to the sun must be avoided after application to the skin. It should be extended into a base before applying onto the body. Rubbing the abdomen with formulations that include Sweet Orange will aid digestion, ease nausea and tone the epidermis. Because this gentle substance is safe during pregnancy it is excellent in use for preventing or at least lessening stretch marks. Using blends with remarkable botanical substance will also ease water retention through the balancing of the lymphatic flow and tissue reparation assisting with regeneration of collagen formation. Gentle massage is helpful in reducing edema, swelling, cellulitis and bloating.

         The color Orange relates to the sacral plexus, the creative and sensual source of energies. Whether blossoming with a new life within or using creative artistic forces, Orange will guide the journey. Orange will enhance an earthy scent adding dimensional qualities circulating the grounding powers allowing an energetic flow. Breathing is  empowered  with Orange  essential oil especially when mixed with  antiseptic green oils for household cleaning and air purification.