OPOPANOX Commiphora erythraea Resin from  Ethiopia    

4ml @$44.00      10ml @$100.00

         Commiphora erythraea resin is steam distilled to produce this thick balsamic resin that dwells between the bark and the wood of this tree. It is native to Ethiopia and Somalia just as many forms of Myrrh and Frankincense are.There is another form of Opopanax resin (Commiphora guidotti from Kenya) which burns as incense and is also known as “Sweet Myrrh”. 

          The scent is transporting, dwelling deep into the recesses of the mind. In a good way one might say it gets under your skin and is felt within; the form from where it comes indicates this also. I find the aroma mysteriously intriguing, calming yet somewhat alerting.  With this presence of mind, pondering thoughts arise as if coming from other times and places. Of course this has been used for centuries in incense and in perfumery due to the evocative traits that it does posses. This benevolent balsamic resin is used primarily as a parfum fixative. The earthy scent adds depth and intrigue to a potion whether it be for a man or woman.