NUTMEG  Myristica fragrans  Fruit Seed   Steam Distilled     NOT FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY   Indonesia

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       Myristica fragrans produces a fruit that contains the seed which is steam distilled to produce this wonderfully aromatic essential oil.
It is from a tropical tree and usually comes from Indonesia and India. There is much written about Nutmeg in the spice trade of times past. 
We are fortunate to have this exotic spice available.
       An aromatic aphrodisiac is a great description for nutmeg. Historically nutmeg has been added into love potions and prosperity charms. 
This essence has a delightful energizing scent that invigorates and activates the mind allowing confidence and self esteem to prevail. This 
is a powerful addition in personal formulations as an aphrodisiac and parfum. Nutmeg instills passion along with a sense of Spiritual peace. 
I use it in “Cupid’s Quiver”, one of my prized sensual parfum elixirs and as a key component in my “Prosperity" blend. The uplifting fiery energy 
is one that assists with luck and love. 
         Influenced by folklore and fact, I blend in an ancient yet modern way. Aromatherapy allows much in the way of creative expression 
when formulating blends.The scent of Nutmeg is so uplifting, intriguing and stimulating. Just as this delightful spice adds pizzazz  
heightening flavor in baking, it does so in blending an aromatic mixture. A tiny bit evokes charm in a substance; too much would overpower.
          Perhaps that is the innate intelligence of this botanical giving off its warning of not to overindulge in a large quantity at one time. 
Interestingly science tells that nutmeg must be cautiously used due to its potential hallucinogenic  and narcotic effects. No worries though, 
the consumption would have to be much higher than any normal application to have any negative side effects. There are neither recorded 
cases of poisoning from nutmeg nor any evidence that it is psychotropic in aroma therapeutic applications. Common sense dictates much of
our ways in which we create, whether in cooking or concocting a botanical creation. Enhancement with spices is the key to creativity in blending
          On a more practical level, this botanical assists in controlling swelling, easing muscular aches and other inflammatory conditions. 
Use moderately as it is  wonderfully intense! The warming power this essential oil holds speeds up the metabolism, stimulating circulation and 
the actions of recovery. Nutmeg is also known as an antiseptic and a digestive tonic.  It has the power to ease nervousness and nausea. The 
potency of this essential oil dictates a need to avoid during pregnancy, yet it is a tonic regulating the reproductive system.