Neroli, Bigarade

NEROLI, BIGARADE  Citrus aurantium  Citrus vulgaris Flower steam distilled in Tunisia

1ml @$44.00      
Extended into 8ml jojoba cobalt blue glass bottle with a spherical applicator @$44.00

      Citrus aurantium also known as  Citrus vulgaris is  the true essential oil steam distilled from Orange blossoms. Neroli is native to the far east yet has adapted amazingly well to the Mediterranean. True Neroli is steam distilled, unlike the absolute which is solvent extracted. Neroli is a  peaceful and hypnotic ethereal scent, it radiates euphoric and etheric vibrations. There are many virtues held within the essence of this this fairy like flower on an emotional and metaphysical level. I feel it attunes us with Celestial vibrations. On a lunar level it assists the feminine aspects of becoming vintage, therefore easing menopausal conditions and relaxing the mind, allowing wisdom to prevail. Neroli is known to instill peace, performing as an anti depressant it assists with easing fears and frustrations. As an opulent aromatic full of pleasantries this lovely scent induces tranquility, dreaming and meditating. A few drops in the bath and into a massage base will add calmness and contentment.

      This lovely flower is unsurpassed as a pure parfum component, suitable for many types of mixtures for both woman and men.True Neroli is an excellent cosmetic component beautifying the complexion with its regenerative and toning effects as it soothes the skin. The cellular reconstructive qualities repair broken capillaries; it is considered to be phlebotonic which equates to strengthening veins. The many gracious traits of these lovely Orange blossoms bring much serenity to one. Neroli comes in quite useful during tense times. Being both sedating and slightly hypnotic it cools the nerves down as it calms the heart. On an emotional level the gentle traits pacify the mood and mindset. On a biological level Neroli assists with diminishing cardiac contractions and hypertension. Nourishing Neroli is comforting and strengthening to all the body systems.

      Neroli gets its name from Contessa Neroli who is famous for the scenting of gloves with this fragrant Orange Blossom botanical. This inspired me to use Neroli hydrosol (the fragrant water remaining after the essential oils have been obtained) to wash my hands and freshen up. 

             NOTE: It takes three years for the blossoms to evolve and will continue flowering increasing their yield for up to twenty years. My records indicate that it took 880 pounds of blossoms to yield just one pound of this true steam distilled essential oil, most often gathered in May -June and then again in the Autumn.