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Neroli, Bigarade

NEROLI, BIGARADE  Citrus aurantium  Citrus vulgaris   Flower (SD)                  Tunisia

A Peaceful and hypnotic ethereal scent. It radiates  Euphoric and Etheric vibrations. 
There are many virtues held within the essence of this this fairy like flower on an emotional and metaphysical level.
 I feel it attunes us with Celestial vibrations. On a lunar level it assists the feminine aspects of
 becoming vintage, therefore easing menopausal conditions and relaxing the mind to allow wisdom to prevail.
 A lovely scent for peacefulness, dreaming and meditating.
This is an excellent cosmetic component beautifying the complexion with its regenerative and toning effects
 as it soothes the skin.  Neroli is unsurpassed as a pure  parfum component,  suitable for many types of mixtures for both women and men.
1ml @$33.00        5ml @$150.00      10ml @$285.00
Extended into 8ml jojoba cobalt blue glass bottle with a spherical applicator @$33.00