NAGARMOTHA  Cyperus rotundus  steam distilled  from India
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         The essential oil of Nargarmotha is steam distilled from the roots and rhizomes of Cyperus rotundus plant in India. It is also known as Cypriol. Although not costly, it is a rare component used mainly for natural parfum. Fortunately I have a source in India whose family has been into the true botanicals for decades and so I am able to procure some of this interesting aromatic substance. Including this unusual plant oil in the Nature’s Spirit repertoire adds to the allure and mystery of Ancient times, when most of society was more in tune with Nature and appreciative of the magic in the aromas. Body anointment includes the Spirit, emotions and Soul whilst pampering and beautifying the flesh.

Nargarmotha holds a sublime smooth base note of earthiness with a grassy overtone. Little is written in the perfume literature, yet E.J. Parry mentions it briefly as being known as SEID oil in his 1925 Cyclopedia of Perfumery.  In my parfum making I always consider the whole being, so it is nice that this powerfully aromatic fixative is regarded as being beneficial for the respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, reproductive and nervous systems. {Quite unlike most so called modern perfumes that are usually insanely toxic}