MYRTLE  Myrtus communis      Leaf    Steam Distilled       NOT FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY    Morocco                          

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      Fragrant small flowers and mostly leaves from Myrtus communis yield an essential oil from their steam distillation, this scent is both mysterious and magical. Myrtle is regarded as a symbol of Love and Immortality. It is refreshing and vitalizing as it enters the olfactory zone, opening and expanding the senses. Myrtle is an excellent choice for the etheric field being an air element with fortuitous communication attributes.  This vibrant green leaf helps to clear the mind  and diminish depression.

       As a  gentle “Green” aromatic, Myrtle  is excellent for air quality. Inhalation of this soothing botanical will ease cough and cold symptoms. This essential oil is extraordinarily powerful as an immune enhancer, yet gentle enough for purification of the air where young ones are; unlike the more medicinal “green” plant oils, Myrtle it is a safer choice when there are babies and toddlers about. The scent is herbal and clean assisting the respiration system, easing asthma, bronchitis and flu symptoms. This essential oil  has a remarkably uplifting quality as it makes an immediate impact on the freshness feeling of the atmosphere. This is one that will soften a stronger essential oil if the situation requires more potent remedies. An essential oil like Eucalyptus is stronger in opening the sinus cavities and essential oils such as Thyme are a bit more anti-microbial. However as wonderful these other two “green” essential oils are they do smell quite medicinal. Myrtle, although it does have tremendous medicinal value, is softer upon inhalation and this to me makes the synergies more effective. The plants will bring the best out in one another when used in synergistic combinations  

      This versatile  botanical is effective in skin care too: Myrtle is well known as a key component in the 16th century “Angels Water” that was used for as a tonic for the complexion and a cologne. Adding this to an aromatic personal potion gives a bright and cheerful affect for men and woman both. To this day this herbal delight  is still useful in formulations as an effective astringent  as well as for treating acne and other skin eruptions. Myrtle is suitable for all skin types and like most all other essential oils it is most effective used synergistically with complimentary essential oils in various types of blending.