Myrrh, Dark

MYRRH,DARK  Commiphora myrrha  Gum Resin   Steam Distilled    NOT FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY    Kenya

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      Commiphora myrrha is an  Oleoresin/Tear which releases its essential oil through steam distillation. Most of this resin is harvested in Ethiopia and Somalia. For centuries and to this day the method of  piercing the bark allowing a thick white gum to ooze out and turn red as it hardens when exposed to the air is how the resin takes form.This aromatic gum is highly prized for its tremendously valuable traits since early times. Myrrh seems to be best known along with Frankincense due to the Three Wise men bearing gifts to Baby Jesus. It is interesting to note that Myrrh was also brought to Jesus at the time of his death. Perhaps this is why in the Kabbalah, Binah, with Myrrh as a plant guide is known as the giver and taker of life. Whatever one believes there are many Spiritual associations with this precious resin.  Allowing the healing resonance of Myrrh to encompasses oneself will ease Earthly suffering of the physical and  soothe the Soul.                                   
       Ancient civilizations employed Myrrh in cosmetic, skin care, perfumery and Spiritual ceremonies. Myrrh has been used from remote ages through this current day as a key parfum component. Although there are few purists like myself who stick to the old ways of creating a pure parfum, one with solely botanicals. In this century the ways of extraction  may vary and now we have the CO2 extraction which is clearly modern, yet we still have the plant properties with their true botanical traits and virtues.  
       Myrrh invigorates and purifies the immune system with  antimicrobial actions  stimulating white corpuscles to expedite healing. This gooey sticky resin is a powerful styptic that will help to close small wounds and assist in healing them. When used carefully, it will mend the gums (administering a little bit neat or with olive oil to help connect tissues with teeth). Mystic Hildegard von Bingen notes Myrrh as dental herb for tooth powder  centuries ago. Myrrh is a quite valuable component in skin care especially aging or damaged skin. Considering how Myrrh is a top grade ingredient for mummification and  embalming one can realize how valuable this substance is as a superior cosmetic agent for skin preservation. As an analgesic Myrrh will ease pains on many levels. It has astringent and tonic properties. Myrrh posseses powerful pulmonary assistance for the lungs and throat. It has medicinal values in many regards.  Known as a female regulator,  Myrrh is not for use during pregnancy as it is an emmenagogue that assists with cleansing and purifying the womb, still as valuable now as in Ancient times.
       Dark Myrrh, Commiphora myrrha is another steam distilled gum Resin obtained in Kenya that is especially good in perfuming  And there is a mother Myrrh, Commiphora abyssinica  resin which is Co2 extracted in Ethiopia that carries warm balsamic notes ; unique myrrh nuances that steam distillations cannot impart.
       An interesting activity was that Egyptians traditionally burned this resin at noon daily.  This  was called “PHUN”,  honoring the Sun  while representing the powerful life giving forces and morphogenic field of energies.

This is a bit stronger in scent than the Somalia, virtually same traits though.