MULADHARA 1st Chakra, Root Sound Note C
BASE ROOT BEAT Jet, Obsidian, Jasper, Pyrite, Smokey Quartz

Vitality. Physical energy. Self preservation. Life forces. Activates & strengthens the will. The Kundalini at rest. The source of power. Roots. The spinal column. Kidneys. Adrenal glands. Colon. Legs. Bones. Flesh. Material world. Grounding. Stability. Courage. Passion of life.
Base of spine. Lumbar region. Earth. Red.
Benzoin, Frankincense, Vetyver, Yarrow, Spikenard & Patchouli.

Into Lavender Hydrosol @$18.00        Into a dram of jojoba @ $18.00        1ml N@$18.00