• Morning Dew


        This is a formulation that I created decades ago. It is by far one of the best loved blends that I have ever created. Morning Dew is a luxurious skin benefactor intended for face, delicate areas and parfum points.This super rich unguent beautifies as it nourishes, especially beneficial as a facial treasure. The synergy of these precious botanicals rejuvenates cellular activity while invigorating and awakening Spiritual energies. Additional benefits are that the essential oils are hormone balancing, which also assists smoothing the texture and tone of the epidermis as it pleases the senses.  This formulation consists of Bulgarian Rose, Neroli, Rose Geranium, Mysore Sandalwood, Frankincense, Myrrh, Sage, Patchouli and Rosemary in jojoba for direct skin application.
    If your skin is moist when applying it will  readily absorb and extend the usage of this precious botanical synergy. Using a hydrosol first is also beneficial. 

    1 ounce at $150.00    
    1⁄2 ounce at $75.00      
    8ml in a spherical applicator at $40.00
    1 Dram at $25.00    
       Most everyone uses a variety of personal skin care products. Facial beautification is so important for our health and well being on all levels. We feel better when we take care of our whole self. You see, I believe that most everything we do holds the possibility of adding wellness to our body along with our emotions, our Spirit and even our Soul. Morning Dew is such a fabulous facial skin care creation that I formulated over 30 years ago. It is pleasantly amazing how many beautiful women that I know use this as part of their daily ritual.   When I concocted this I thought of my epidermis, well, yes of course….. it is a facial blend intended to reduce wrinkling and add vitality !
       However when I apply theses precious quintessential oils to my face I feel the ethereal vibratory presence of these precious plants. In particular, Rose {Rosa damascena} evokes a consciousness of radiant Love . While inhaling during application my olfactory system delights with filling my body system with the scent holding Peace and comfort to my inner beingEverything that I choose to teach is with the intention to share true wholistic wellness. We are connected to ourselves. Sound silly? We absorb whatever we apply to our skin.  It may be a challenge to some to decipher and understand the difference between authentic quality and commercial hype. Read the ingredients. 
    Nature’s Spirit formulations are All real. Always.