Mimosa Absolute

MIMOSA ABSOLUTE  Acacia decurrens flowers  solvent extraction from France. 

1ml @ $15.00     5ml@$75.00 Special @ $60.00   (1 ml free)

        Acacia decurrens flower essential oil is obtained through solvent extraction in France. There is a special extraction method for this particular Mimosa absolute which allows it to be thick, yet pourable, unlike the traditionally produced concrete material from India. Mimosa is delightful as a fixative; holding together the other essences and empowering longevity of the captive scent, the odor is unusual adding a mysterious essence in fine perfumes. This interesting and unusual aroma is powdery with a mildly soft, sweet smoothness. Mimosa evokes a harmonious ambiance for the whole body, mind and Spirit as it is known to ease stress; calming the nerves, allowing relaxation of the senses. This aromatic  substance is best used in body anointment and as part of a parfum. It is very sticky with qualities that are best with other supporting and enhancing essential oils and absolutes. A few top perfumeries continue to employ the use of Mimosa, unfortunately though in this modern day, some of the finer perfumes are  mixed with not only a synthetic version of this, but other added chemicals, some using both. We, however have the ability to create our own essences and formulate with pure botanicals. Using plant oils for passion and playfulness is a way to stay connected with Divine earth energy that is cosmically connected with the wonders of the universe. As we open our sense of smell, we may also open our instincts and be influenced by higher powers of benevolence.