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Mimosa Absolute

MIMOSA ABSOLUTE (POURABLE) Acacia decurrens  Solvent extracted Flower  France
The special extraction method for  particular mimosa absolute  allows it to be thick yet pourable, unlike the traditionally produced material from India.
Delightful as a fixative & mysterious essence in fine perfumes. This interesting and unusual aroma is powdery mildly soft & sweetly smooth. 
It evokes a Harmonious ambiance for the whole body, mind & Spirit as it is known to ease stress; calming the nerves thus allowing relaxation of the senses. Best used in body anointment and as part of a parfum. 
Top perfumeries continue to employ these traits, (unfortunately in this modern day, some of the finer perfumes are unfortunately mixed with not only a synthetic version of this, but other added chemicals. Some use both.
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