MELISSA (Lemon Balm)  Melissa officinalis Leaf/Flowering Stems  Steam Distilled  U.K. USA France
        Melissa officials is best known as  Lemon Balm. Sometimes this plant is referred to as Bee Balm, however so are three other herbs. It is always wise to have the Latin to know precisely what plant we are referring to. Melissa is a rare herbal essential oil that has a very small yield, hence the high cost. It is steam distilled from the delicate leaves  and flowering stems  of this plant.

I have this growing in my garden. Melissa prefers a temperate climate, now in the mountains it is flourishing in my front yard. The seeds have taken off well this summer and it is assisting me on my journey of healing as I fill my life’s purpose. Paracelsus made this precious plant known  as the “Elixir of life”. This is one to cut and steep into water just after it has boiled. It is best used fresh as an herb for making tisanes and herbal infusions. The essential oils are extraordinarily evaporative so dried herbs do not carry the energy for long. The essential oil is quite pungent and powerful alerting all the senses as it opens the heart flow of energy, clearing the mind through increased circulation and enhanced breathing

This quintessential essence is Spiritually and emotionally supporting as it calms the heart. Referred to by some as “Hearts Delight” it is highly valued during periods of grief and separation. It will assist by easing emotional distress, therefore it is a Heart tonic for physical and emotional needs. As a cardiac tonic it will ease high blood pressure. It gently sedates the nerves  allowing the body restoration of its vital energy. The central nervous system is greatly benefited with its addition to blends for easing palpitations and regulating blood pressure. This delightful leaf and tiny flower assists in regulating the female reproductive system. When one looks into the leaves one may see the inward journey connecting the emotions and body. Intuitive senses that come through with plant communication are very yin in nature and many woman tune in easily to the messages, that is when they listen. The world is full of unheard communication that is revealed in various ways. I feel the energies of the plants through their scent and shape in particular. 

Melissa’s value in medicinal skin care is unsurpassed as an anti viral agent to diminish cold sores, herpes and shingles. When our body systems are weakened these flare ups may occur. The multiple traits on both the biological and emotional level that Mellisa carries is excellent. Wholistic wellness is always enhanced when we treat not only the symptoms but consider the whole being of how and possibly why the body needs help. 

Mellisa is also used in some high class perfumery; both this and Lemon Verbena are rather costly so hit is only for the true connoisseur that this is suitable in a parfum. Both of these are not citrus yet have a faint essence reminiscent of a citrus that lingers and has mellowed. There is a reason why Melissa is referred to as Lemon Balm.  I save this precious oil for use in emotionally supporting blends, heart tonics, restoration and first aid.    

1ml @$44.00
Immersed into 8 ml jojoba in a glass bottle with a spherical applicator @ $26.00