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MELISSA (Lemon Balm)  Melissa officinalis Leaf/Flowering Stems (SD)  U.K.   USA   France

Known as the “Elixir of life”, Melissa is a rare herbal essential oil that has a very small yield, hence the cost and unfortunately the common adulteration of this precious botanical.  
This quintessential essence is Spiritually and emotionally supporting as it calms the heart especially during periods of grief and separation.
The central nervous system is greatly benefited with its addition to blends for easing palpitations and regulating blood pressure. 
With skin care it is unsurpassed as an anti viral in treating cold sores, herpes and shingles.

1ml @$44.00        5ml @$175.00                                                                                                       
Extended into 8ml jojoba cobalt blue glass bottle with a spherical applicator@$33.00