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Meadowfoam Seed Oil

MEADOWFOAM SEED OIL Limnanthes alba  Mechanical expression/solvent extraction/fully refined from the USA      

This Meadowfoam Seed Oil is free from added preservatives and is derived from non-GMO plants without pesticides . 
No animal by- products are used in the manufacturing process. This became a humane replacement of the horrific exploitation 
and use of sperm whale oil in cosmetic and skin care commercial products that were  popular in the 70’s. 

It has a rich substantive texture that is  light colored and odor-free prized for its exceptional oxidative stability as a truly natural preservative. 
This high stability is due to the presence of naturally occurring tocopherols (antioxidants), and the absence of oxidatively susceptible polyunsaturated 
fatty acids common in other vegetable oils. A very valuable trait of Meadowfoam seed oil is that it  increases the stability of other oils extending the shelf.

Besides increasing product stability this vegetal substance has wonderful emollient qualities that are beneficial for skin care.
 It offers UV protection as it eases the aging process and offers bruise reduction.

1 ounce   @$ 8.00     
2 ounces @$15.00
4 ounces @ $26.00