MARJORAM  Origanum marjorana    Herb  (SD)      NOT FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY    Egypt

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      Origanum marjorana’s dried leaves and flowering tops are steam distilled to produce a delightful aromatic essential oil. The Egyptian has a fine aroma and  tremendous healing qualities. Known as a symbol of happiness, this  wonderful botanical is known as “Joy of the Mountains”. My heart and Soul are touched with the aromatic vibration of this wondrous botanical as it exhibits Love and Peace with its quintessential essence.

This time honored healing plant is a relaxing restorative with its herbaceous scent that encourages tranquility, calming  the nerves. This botanical plant ally is known to reduce high blood pressure as it soothes and eases distress of the emotions and the heart.The serotonin  production increases within the brain upon inhalation offering calming effects. Marjoram  is a sweet sedative sometimes therefore it is beneficial as a component in sleep tonics. Marjoram is a key ingredient in many muscular blends, especially the ones I blend, as it will enhance body restructure and repair while reducing rheumatic aches and pains. The antispasmodic traits will assist in alleviation or at least reduction of pre menstrual pains. 

On a metaphysical level Marjoram has the  affinity to serve as a mediator, as it is linked with Mercury who is  known as the Messenger of the Gods.  With language and  writing, tongue and speech  are enhanced with the connection of Thoth and Hermes allowing communication to flourish.

Quote from 16th century herbalist John Parkinson :

“The sweet marjeromes are not only much used to please the outward senses in nosegaie, and in the windows of houses, but also in sweet powders ,swete bagsand sweet washing waters,waters, but are also of much use in physike, to comfort the outward members and parts of the bodie and inward also.